9 Steps To Turn Your Idea Into A Best-Selling Product

Aug 31, 2021

At the heart of every best-selling product is a brilliant—and oftentimes simple—concept or idea.

Innovation is part of what makes living at this time so thrilling, and what makes our world so unique. At Freeform Polymers, we’re honored to be a part of bringing innovation and creativity to life through services like 3D design and printing in Logan, Utah.

With each of our services, we aim to help our clients bring their product from concept to the hands of their customers. And every successful product starts with just that—a winning idea. Here are some tips to get you started.

1 – Aim to solve a problem. 

Some of the most successful products are born from the creator considering a need or pain point in their own personal life, then brainstorming a product that could help solve it. Make this your goal rather than simply making money, and you’ll be more likely to find your next big idea.

2 – Always be writing down ideas. 

Carry a notebook with you for the sole purpose of writing down ideas as they come to you. You could be surprised how going through this old list may reveal a product gem at the right time.

3 – Have a brainstorming session. 

Sit down with friends, loved ones, or people in your professional or creative space and rapid-fire a long list of ideas. Encourage each person to say whatever comes to mind. Write each idea down—now matter how ridiculous it may seem. Of course not every item on the list will be a winning idea, but allowing creativity to freely flow is what opens the possibility of success.

4 – Consider a companion to an existing product. 

If you have existing products on the market, consider product ideas that are add-ons to enhance some of your best sellers.

5 – Research your market. 

Get feet on the ground and get to know your customer base in real life. Of course it matters to do market research online, but get out and talk to potential customers. Find out what they value. Observe them, start conversations, and have the goal of truly understanding the profile of your potential buyer.

6 – Find out what’s trending. 

Look at influencers in your industry, and find out what’s trending online. You may want to be a trendsetter, but it can also pay off to line up with current trends. Look at social media, search engines, online retailers, forums, and more for what people are buzzing about.

7 – Check out your competition. 

Stop by the websites of your five top competitors and see what products they’re featuring, what their best sellers are, and how you could improve upon what they’re currently selling.

8 – Make a prototype—fast. 

While it may be your initial reaction to wait on creating a prototype until you’re well into the product development phase, this can actually work against you. Create a prototype quickly with services like 3D design and printing in Logan, Utah. Seeing your idea in your hands can help you visualize and experience how your product functions in real life.

9 – Be willing to make changes. 

Prototypes also help by highlighting the good features of your product and also what needs to be adapted. Be ready and willing to change your product if you see something isn’t working, and use your prototype as a valuable means of gaining knowledge and polishing your product.

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