Freeform Polymers, LLC, is a Campbell Scientific company that was established in July 2011 to bridge the gap between product design and manufacture leading to fulfillment. 

Our processes and company culture are focused on Quality.  It drives everything we do.  This focus on quality ensures your project is on time and on budget and your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.  We treat our customers how we want to be treated, with respect and appreciation. 

Our Quality Policy states, “Freeform Polymers is committed to high quality products and services, exceeding customers’ expectations and complying with our Quality Management System.”

Our guiding values are:

Humility —> Humility is knowing you are a part of something greater.

Evolve —> In effort to continually advance our value proposition and remain competitive, we embrace change when process improvements, innovation and new technologies provide opportunity to improve our customer’s experience.

Accountability —> Being dependable and responsive in a timely manner both to the team and to the customer.

Respect —> Regardless of position and contributions, respect is shown to each other and the customer at all times and in all circumstances. 

Tenacity —> We are driven to succeed.  Failure is part of the path to perfection. When we fail we do it quickly and learn from it.

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