Post Production

One of the things that set Freeform Polymers apart is that our services don’t end after the design and production stages. After the raw materials are sourced and parts manufactured, our assembly team will step in. Our team at Freeform Polymers will ensure the utmost quality throughout the entire post-production and assembly process in our ISO 9001:2015 registered facility. This means that all products are assembled with detailed procedures and numerous quality control checks and measures to ensure all products conform to our customers’ exact specifications.

injection mold assembly process freeform polymers
Assembly Options

Assembly Options

Our assembly services are here to simplify and complete the production process for you. As part of our final assembly process, we take the newly molded product and add the finishing touches to make sure your product is user-friendly. These final touches can include features like circuit boards, batteries, sensors, buttons, and more! Your design ideas will come full circle with the help of our assembly team at Freeform Polymers!