What’s The Difference Between 3D Printing And Injection Molding?

Sep 30, 2021

Both injection molding and 3D design and printing in Logan, Utah are techniques used for manufacturing products. But each have their own unique components, advantages, and challenges.

Each method can be used on its own, or as complements to each other in the manufacturing process.

Let’s take a look at the key differences with each to best determine which will be best for your upcoming project.

3D Design And Printing

The process of 3D design and printing in Logan, Utah consists of building layers of material to create a tangible object. This is an excellent choice for prototyping.

Creating a 3D print is better for more intricate, complex designs and makes it easy to frequently revisit and change the design as needed. It also has a very quick turnout and is great for rapid prototyping needs. It’s also less expensive than injection molding up front.

3D design and printing is ideal for lower production runs, as it can take more time and money for larger runs of product.

It’s important to keep in mind that 3D design and printing is perfect for some projects, but may not be fast enough for large production runs. It’s also best for smaller items, and produces a rough finish of your product.

Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding consists of injecting a mold with molten material that then cools, hardens, and produces various components of a final product. It’s also an excellent option for prototyping.

This is an ideal option for high volume production. It does take more time, and isn’t well suited for frequent changes in design.

Injection molding creates strong, mass-produced parts with minimal waste. It does have some limitations, including design capabilities, corrections or design changes, and it can be more expensive up front.

3D Design And Printing In Logan, Utah 

3D design and printing in Logan is ideal for small batch prototyping and production, intricate designs, and a product that will need design changes along the way.

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