Do This When Testing Your Prototype

Jul 31, 2023

Once your prototype has been created using a revolutionary method like 3D design in Logan, Utah, the next step is validating your design and getting feedback through prototype testing. 

This is an essential step in the product development process. Let’s take a closer look at what prototype testing entails and its benefits. 

Key Aspects Of Prototype Testing 

Creating a mockup of your product is a great opportunity to obtain feedback from your target audience and stakeholders, validate the decisions you’ve already made for your product, and identify potential issues or drawbacks. 

Finding issues early on can help save you money and resources and ultimately create a research-informed product. 

As you test your prototype, pay close attention to which features work and which don’t. Be open and willing to view your product with a fresh perspective and make necessary changes. 

There may also be features that were overlooked or dismissed originally, and prototype testing helps bring them to light. Keep your target audience in mind and be aware of features they might love. 

Be receptive to questions and feedback from investors, target audiences, and other members of your team. Working together can help inspire new features and capabilities. 

Prototype testing is an excellent way to present data-driven insights to everyone who is a stakeholder in your product development. Facts and results speak volumes, and can help everyone be on the same page and share a unified vision moving forward. 

The key after conducting prototype testing is to implement changes based on the results and get your product ready for another round of testing. Remember not to get discouraged if you stay in the testing phase for a while. Thorough testing leads to continuous improvement and ultimately the best version of your product. 

So keep testing until you get it right, and Freeform Polymers will be there for you all along the way! 


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