product fulfillment, mold manufacturing

Stress Free Fulfillment

Here at Freeform Polymers we want to make the entire production process as stress free as possible for you. That is why we offer services that include everything from production to full service fulfillment. Working with multiple companies to produce one product can be a headache. Freeform Polymers is your one-stop-shop for all your product development needs. Need space to store your finished product until production and assembly is complete? We got you covered!


As part of our all-in-one service we will stock, hold inventory, and ship the finished product to your customers upon request once finished with production and assembly.  We know how important it is to find both a manufacturing partner and a shipping partner that share your standards, goals, and focus.  Save yourself time and stress with our all-in-one service and let us make sure everything goes smoothly for you.  With Freeform Polymers you get a trusted manufacturing partner and a reliable shipping partner all in one affordable package!