How To Best Care For Your Product Mold When It’s Not In Use

Mar 29, 2024

When there’s a change in your production plan or with your manufacturing partner, you may be in need of a mold transfer

As your partner throughout the manufacturing process, this is a step Freeform Polymers can assist you with and make it as smooth as possible. 

When You Might Need A Mold Transfer Or Storage 

Anytime your mold isn’t in use, it’s crucial that it’s well taken care of in the best hands. A high quality injection mold takes years of planning, design, and work to perfect. 

Remember this important fact—your mold belongs to you! That’s right, the injection molding partner you work with or the machine shop using the mold ultimately doesn’t own your mold. We recognize this, and want you to feel comfortable and confident that your mold is being stored and handled with great care by our team. 

One of the most common instances when a mold transfer may be necessary is if you’re changing manufacturing partners. Having a great relationship with your manufacturing partner is crucial. Sometimes circumstances may change, and if/when they do, we’ll help make it an easy transition. 

You don’t have to juggle the complicated intricacies of transporting your mold. We’ll be there to help with our mold transfer service

Molds are typically made of a massive piece of heavy steel. Our team safety transports your mold, whatever its material or level of durability. The best part is, we’ll even transfer it for you for free within 150 miles. 

In addition to mold transfer, we offer free storage for your mold whether or not it’s in use. You can trust Freeform Polymers to never charge a storage fee or turn you away due to lack of space. 

Mold Transfer In Northern Utah 

We’re honored to be your manufacturing partner from design and prototyping to mold transfers and everything in between. 

Trust your precious mold in the best hands with Freeform Polymers. 

Contact us today to get started on coordinating your mold transfer or storage.