How Product Assembly And Fulfillment Boost Your Business

Jun 28, 2023

Finally creating a polished, finished product and getting it into the hands of your customers is a hallmark in the manufacturing process. At Freeform Polymers, this is our specialty with professional assembly and fulfillment services. 

Not only are assembly and fulfillment essential steps, but they can also help boost your business when done right. 

Providing faster service and decreasing delivery times are crucial for providing a positive customer experience. Here’s how our team can make that possible by taking care of your product assembly and fulfillment


Getting Your Product Into the Hands Of Your Customers

To put it simply, assembly is the process of putting elements together for a final finished product. When an order is received, it’s our job to make sure the product is fully assembled and ready for shipping. 

Outsourcing this process and leaving it to the pros has many benefits. For one, it saves you the resources and space required to carry out this process. We also assemble products in bulk, which helps decrease packing and fulfillment costs. 

Once your product is assembled and an order is received, it’s key to get it to your customers quickly and also to help ensure it’s not damaged in delivery. Our team helps reduce shipping mistakes by streamlining the process of assembling your SKUs and packaging each individual unit. We can also pre-print shipping labels to help reduce delivery times. 

We also customize packaging to your specific product’s size and weight, reducing shipping costs through efficient packaging. 

One of the most significant advantages of professional assembly and fulfillment is that you can reduce the amount of floor space required in your own facilities by utilizing ours. 

We also have excellent systems already in place for tracking inventory and orders in real-time, letting you know when certain items are getting low in stock and need more production. And, of course, throughout the manufacturing process, we check for the highest level of quality at every step. 

Assembly And Fulfillment With Freeform Polymers 

We’re proud to be your one-stop shop for all of your manufacturing needs. From design and prototype to assembly and fulfillment, our team has you covered. 

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