The Injection Molding Cycle And How Long It Takes

Sep 13, 2023

The process for mold manufacturing in Utah involves injecting polymer into a mold using high pressure. The product then takes shape as it cools. 

The process itself can be completed quickly—in just a matter of minutes or seconds. Let’s take a look at the cycles of the process for mold manufacturing in Utah and what you can expect from the process for the development of your product. 

The Process For Mold Manufacturing 

First, the mold is clamped closed and attached to the machine. Both halves of the mold are held tightly together while the material is injected. 

Heat and pressure melts the polymer so it can fill the full volume of the mold. The pressure used and rate of injection depends on the specific mold and the material used in the process. Freeform Polymers has the expertise to know exactly what your product needs and how to carefully control the process. 

After making contact with the mold, the plastic starts the cooling process. As it hardens, it will take the shape of your product. 

Once the product cools, it will be ejected from the mold. An appropriate amount of force is used to push the part out. 

From there, the parts will be ready for further assembly to create a polished finished product. 


Mold Manufacturing In Utah 

The quality of your finished product will be greatly impacted by the quality of the mold used in the manufacturing process. Using the proper polymer that flows well within the mold is also crucial. 

There are many moving parts and the process is complex, but the trained professionals at Freeform Polymers can help make it seamless. 

With help from our team, you can be assured the highest quality parts will be produced, leading to an incredible finished product. 

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