Injection Molding in Utah

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What is Injection Molding?

After the prototype of your product has been effectively tried and tested, an injection mold is made using the design. These molds are made of dense steel that is durable enough to withstand the pressure and repetition of the plastic injection process. The steel serves as the canvas as our advanced machining equipment engraves the technical design into the thick steel.

Molds can also be made through 3D printing, which can be used for small batch manufacturing. Using material that is durable in high temperature, these molds are made much quicker than steel molds while still producing high quality molded products. These molds are not as durable as steel molds but are still a viable option for lower volume production jobs.

Freeform Polymers Injection Molding in Utah

While still being able to work on the smallest jobs, the ability to run our machines 24/7 allows us to have the capacity to take on some of the biggest jobs when volume and a quick turn-around are needed. Our networks with the best resin suppliers allow us to provide not only the basic resins but also high-tech engineered resins. And with the complexities of mold design and molds, only the best Injection molding machines and processes can be used. Our Sumitomo machines are able to produce high-quality complex products with minimal scrap. For injection mold engineering in Utah that you trust, give Freeform Polymers a call.

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