Is Injection Molding Right For You?

Oct 23, 2020

Benefits of Injection Molding

Most people in this modern world will regularly use an injection molded product without realizing it.  There are countless brands and companies that utilize this process to create their products. The question is, does it meet your manufacturing or product development needs?  To help answer that question, here are three benefits to using Injection Molding.

High Volume Production

The injection mold process involves a detailed design process before machinists create the mold.  Every aspect of the design must be perfect before machining starts.  What does it look like? What is it used for? How does it accomplish that task?

Taking the time to create the perfect mold of the product is often the most time-consuming step.  Since the steel molds are made to withstand high heat and extended use, the injection phase becomes easily repeatable.  Once the mold is complete manufacturing begins and the automated injection machine takes over and pumps out the finished product in batches.

For high volume production, injection molding is extremely effective since the time it takes for an entire mold cycle typically lasts only seconds.

Low Cost Per Unit

Full automation means most of the production is done by machines which saves time, as discussed above, but also money.  When selecting a manufacturing partner it is important to find somebody that can help you reach your design goals but also save you some money in the process.

The quality that comes from injection molding is next to none but what you will pay per unit produced simply puts this process over the top.  Produce the quality product you have in mind at the price you didn’t think was possible.

Versatile Assembly Parts

Skilled machinists create intricate and detailed molds capable of producing equally detailed plastic products.  Details that other production methods simply can’t deliver. With cutting edge injection mold machines the ability to use different materials in a product becomes available.  Creating even more possibilities and options to further meet design goals.

Parts produced by injection molding can be designed for more than one purpose while meeting the needs of the end-user.  Designs can include multiple pieces, housing parts for electrical features, and combining or use of different materials. Finding the right injection molding company means there is no need to work with multiple manufacturers to produce a complete product.

Find What Works

There are plenty of decisions to be made in product development and manufacturing.  When trying to turn an idea into reality, finding the right manufacturing partner could be one of the most important.  Finding a partner that cares about your ideas as much as you do can be difficult but worth it.

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