Manufacturing Capabilities

From custom, individual designs to large-scale production projects, no matter the size of your project, we can take it on! We can extend our manufacturing to include many different areas that are able to produce the highest quality mold available. And with our world-class machine shop, skilled machinists, and latest technology in injection molding, we can use the molds the complete the manufacturing process quickly and efficiently. 

Machinist manufacturing injection mold freeform polymers Logan
injection mold for your design

Production Process

After your prototype has gone through extensive testing and has been approved, an injection mold will be made using your design. The molds are made of a dense steel to ensure it is durable enough to withstand the pressure and repetition of the plastic injection process. The dense steel will serve as a canvas so our advanced machining equipment can engrave the technical design into the thick steel.

If you are looking to complete small-batch manufacturing, we can create molds through 3D printing. Molds that are made through the 3D printing process are not as durable as steel molds, but they are still a viable option for lower volume production jobs. Any molds that we use require a material that is durable in high temperatures, so these molds will be made quicker than steel molds, while still producing high-quality molded products.

Injecting the Mold

The finished mold is placed in our state of the art injection machine where it will be repeatedly injected with a molten plastic material. High pressure will keep the plastic resin that is injected in the mold pressed into the cavities within the mold. As it cools, the resin will solidify and take the shape of the mold before being released into a catch basin beneath. The finished product may require more assembly in the production process, but it will be a polished and complete version of the design and prototype previously used.

quality control during the mold manufacturing process freeform polymers
Machining injection mold making process freeform polymers Utah


  • 3D printed molds for small lot manufacture
  • Machine shop (CNC mill, CNC lathe, EDM Wire, EDM Sinker, manual lathe, surface grinders, etc)
  • Molds (Mold design and Manufacture)
  • Injection molding and vertical injection molding
  • Circuit board design and manufacture
  • Motors, battery, power source and sensor selection and sourcing
  • Support consumable sourcing and storage