Material Options For Your Prototype

Feb 27, 2023

When it comes to your product, selecting the right prototype material is a significant and important step. There are hundreds of different types to choose from, but which will be the best fit for your prototype in Logan

Our team is here to help make the decision seamless and simple. We have broad expertise when it comes to prototyping materials and how to match the right one for your unique product design. 

Here are a few examples of prototyping materials and how to identify which one will be best for your product. 

Common Prototype Materials 

  • Silicones. These include resins and rubbers in various forms. Silicones vary in stiffness and texture, and are temperature resistant and waterproof. 
  • Urethane Resins. This is a thermosetting polymer that is often poured into a mold. It’s highly versatile and durable. 
  • Carbon Fiber. These very fine fibers are woven together as a fabric with strong reinforcement qualities. 
  • Glass Fiber. These offer insulation or reinforcement for various materials. 
  • Metals. Aluminum and steel are common for metal prototypes. Metals are excellent for a well-finished prototype that’s strong and precise. 
  • Thermoplastics. These can be melted down and molded or used in 3D printing. These are recyclable and can be remolded.
  • Rigid Urethane Foam. Liquid foam can be cast into a mold or used as blocks. 
  • Wood. The most common wood for prototyping is plywood. This is a cost-effective, flexible material. 
  • Mass Cast Epoxy. This is another thermosetting polymer that is poured into a cast where it hardens and takes shape. These can be moldy into virtually any shape and are very hard and durable.


Prototype In Logan, Utah

Our team of highly skilled professionals can help you select the right material for your prototype in Logan, Utah, then use it to create and distribute an excellent product.

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