Prototyping in the Salt Lake City, Utah Area

Plastic 3D Printing Salt Lake City area

3D Printing Near Salt Lake City, Utah

With our 3D printing technology, we can provide a prototype in days rather than months because we know an effective prototype makes it possible for you to test the look and feel of a product, as well as how it functions for the intended use. That’s why the materials available at Freeform Polymers allow prototypes to vary in color, flexibility, and durability, helping you to represent your production goal. Our 3D printing in Logan, Utah is a fast, intuitive, and efficient way for to help you test your product and stay on track.

Material Options

  • Rigid to flexible
  • Transparent to opaque
  • Neutral to vibrant
  • Durable to high temperature

Prototype Options

  • 3D print plastic parts
  • 3D print plastic mold
  • Endless color options
  • 16 um resolution printing
plastic colors for prototyping in Utah