So You Have an Idea…Now What?

Aug 19, 2020

When you first come up with an idea for a product it can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. On the one hand you feel like you have just discovered an incredible innovative idea. On the other, turning your idea into an actual product can seem very far away. However, with the right planning and some help you can be on your way to transforming that idea into a launched product!

First things first: research, research, research.

When you first come up with your innovative idea the best thing you can do is research. Especially if this is something you will need patent protection for. Make sure your design idea will not be inhibited by any one else’s IP (intellectual property) or copyright. If you are interested in patent protection for your idea, contact a patent lawyer. By doing research you can confirm that your innovative idea is just that–innovative. Research can also give you a good idea of the market, and whether or not it is saturated with similar products.

Second: It’s prototype time!

The next step is to find a company that can help you through the design and prototype process. Key things to look for are quality prototyping, customer service, and follow-through.

Freeform Polymers prides itself on all three of those things (Shameless plug…)! Whether you are a first time inventor looking to turn an idea into a reality or an established organization looking to continue production, Freeform Polymers design services can help! Our skilled machinists and designers will serve as consultants, offering feedback to the initial design. The design can then be modified or adjusted based on that feedback to make any improvements necessary. The purpose behind your product will influence many aspects of the initial design, including what materials are used. Freeform Polymers has manufacturing capabilities for plastic, metal, and even electronic parts. The materials we use for manufacturing are chosen based on your design specifications.

Third: test & talk about it.

In order to eventually sell your product, it is important to pitch it to your family and friends often. This will help you practice talking out your design/prototype and plan. It will help you focus on where you want to go with the product. You should also keep testing your product and requesting feedback during this phase. If you keep getting negative reviews you might consider going down a different path. However, before dropping the idea, it would be wise to seek advice in that actual market/field you are hoping to sell the product in.

We hope these three steps will help you in your product development process. Don’t forget Freeform Polymers is here to help! From design help, prototyping, to creating a mold for bulk product creation our team is just a call away. Learn more about our services here.