Steps For Manufacturing Your Prototype

Jun 29, 2021

When an idea becomes a prototype, you finally have a visible, tangible representation of your product that you can feel and examine. This is an exciting and vital step on the road to making your product a reality for your customers.

What comes next—manufacturing your prototype—is crucial. It is absolutely essential to make sure you have a manufacturing partner who is committed to excellence at every stage of the process—one who cares just as much as you do about the function, success, and quality of your product.

Freeform Polymers offers just that, with expertise from design and prototyping to manufacturing, assembly, fulfillment, and even mold transfer. Your product is in the best hands when manufacturing your prototype and at every phase in between with our team.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from our manufacturing process, and what this could mean for your upcoming project.

The Manufacturing Process 

We’re proud to have a strong relationship with Campbell Scientific, which allows us to extend our manufacturing to various different areas and to produce the absolute highest quality molds.

We specialize in projects of every scale and size—from custom individual designs to large scale production. No task is too big or too small, or too difficult for our team.

We staff a world-class machine shop with the best machinists in the industry and the latest injection mold technology to carry out the manufacturing process efficiently, quickly, and thoroughly.

Before we start, we’ll test your prototype for the highest quality and give it our stamp of approval, then create an injection mold of the final design using dense steel. We can also make molds using 3D printing for smaller manufacturing batches.

All of our molds are guaranteed to withstand the repetition, high temperatures, and pressure that is part of the injection process.

We then place the mold in our injection machine where it is injected with molten plastic, then cools to solidify and take the shape of your product.

It is then released into a catch basin where it can be further assembled if needed, and polished until it shines as your finished product.

Manufacturing Your Prototype

Freeform Polymers is your trusted industry partner for every phase of the manufacturing process and beyond.

Get a quote for manufacturing your prototype today.