Team Brainstorming Ideas to Create Your Next Project

May 31, 2022

Brainstorming as a group can be an excellent way to generate unity, creativity, and incredible product ideas.

Freeform Polymers is here for you throughout the process of bringing your idea from concept to the hands of your customers, including mold manufacturing in Utah. But to start, you need to come up with your winning idea.

Here are a few techniques to get you started during your next brainstorming session!

Brainstorming For Product Development 

  • Set a clear intention, focus, or topic for your brainstorming session.

  • Do your best to make it a positive experience where each member of the team feels safe and inspired to share their thoughts. Remember, “There are no bad ideas!”

  • Make room for each individual to talk. Try not to allow more extroverted personalities to dominate the entire conversation.

  • Don’t stay stuck on one concept or idea for the entire session. Encourage the team to move on to new ideas and keep the conversation rolling.

  • Silence can be the killer in a brainstorming session. Avoid this by preparing participants ahead of time so they can come into the meeting with some ideas in hand already.

  • Try an ice breaker at the beginning to ease discomfort and also help teammates to connect and open up with each other.

  • Take a few minutes and allow each person to write down at least three ideas that relate to the brainstorming topic, then have each person share. Next, have the team work together to narrow it down to their top three choices as a group.

  • Another technique is to have participants write down as many ideas as they can think of in a set amount of time—a sort of “rapid fire” exercise.

  • Try conducting your brainstorming session at a change of scenery. For example, take your team out to eat at a restaurant or to a local park, or even a new location within your office. This fresh perspective can help spark creativity and new ideas.

Mold Manufacturing In Utah 

When conducted well, group brainstorming can help your entire team feel inspired, accomplished, and excited for what’s to come. It also helps promote innovative products that can change the world.

As always, Freeform Polymers is here for you throughout your journey with mold manufacturing in Utah plus so much more.

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