The Benefits Of Testing Your Product With A 3D Design Prototype

Oct 28, 2020

Product development is an absolutely crucial part of your business. Our role at Freeform Polymers is to help you reach the end goal of successful creation and fulfillment through bridging the gap between product design and mold manufacturing of your product.

A key part of our manufacturing service is a cutting edge technology that can provide boundless benefits for your business—3D printing and prototyping in Utah.

3D Printing And Prototyping For Your Product

Our state of the art facilities are equipped to carry out a smooth production from initial design to shipping your finished product.

After your initial design is complete with our team, the next step is critical—building a prototype of the finished product. Using our revolutionary 3D printing technology, we can create a prototype that is almost identical to what you can expect from your finished product.

Experiencing the real look and feel of your product is an invaluable step. By examining literally every square inch of your product with a prototype you can hold, feel, and see, we can work through feedback to make all necessary improvements before final production begins. There’s simply no better way to ensure your product is of the highest quality and functions properly than by testing it first using 3D design in Utah.

And the best news is, we’re able to produce your 3D printing prototype in just days, not months. Our 3D design technology is fast and efficient without sacrificing quality.

Our 3D prototypes are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and resolutions. Whether neutral or vibrant, rigid or flexible, or transparent or opaque, we have endless customizable options so you can enjoy a prototype that’s just as unique as your finished product will be.

3D Printing And Prototyping In Utah

Our ultimate goal is the success of your business through the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail throughout the product development process.

Through Freeform Poymer’s 3D design in Utah, you’re sure to achieve a finished product both you and your customers can be proud of.

Get your quote today for 3D printing and design in Utah.