Types Of Plastic Resin Used In The Injection Molding Process

Jan 30, 2024

For over a century, plastic injection molding has been an established, reliable manufacturing process. Over the years, injection molding in Utah has become a versatile, cost-effective, efficient manufacturing process that is used in various industries. 

The process involves injecting molten plastic resin into a mold cavity made of steel or aluminum. Pressure and heat are applied until the resin fills the entire mold. 

The resin is then cooled, and once solid, ejected from the machine. From there, additional assembly or finishing touches can take place. 

Injection molding in Utah has a quick turnaround time and is ideal for large volumes. The type of plastic resin used is tailored to the product’s specifications. 


Plastic Resin Materials To Choose From 

  • Commodity resins. These are the cheapest and often used for high volume products, like plastic cutlery and other disposable plastic products. 
  • Engineering resins. These have a higher price point but have better thermal and mechanical properties. A common product made with engineering resins is bumpers for vehicles. 
  • High-performance resins. High-performance resins are strong like metal but more affordable like plastic. Common products made with this type of resin are car interiors. 
  • Ultra resins. These are another step up in cost, but can withstand high temperatures and other extreme conditions. Space and military applications are common uses for ultra resins.
  • Amorphous thermoplastics. Common types are acrylic and ABS. These are clear, easily bondable using adhesives, and resist impact. However, they’re more prone to stress cracking. 
  • Semi-crystalline thermoplastics. These are stronger structurally than amorphous—ideal for products that endure heavy wear like bearings. 


Mold Manufacturing In Utah 

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