Understanding The Mold Manufacturing Process

Apr 29, 2021

At Freeform Polymers, we’re committed to the success of your project. Through services like mold manufacturing and injection molding in Utah, your product can come to market in less time and with the highest quality.

Our manufacturing services include the latest technology in injection molding. You can trust that your mold will be used to efficiently bring your product to life, no matter the size and scale of your project.

Whether yours is a custom, individual design or a large scale production process, Freeform Polymers can help make it a success. Here are the basics of our mold manufacturing in Utah, and what it can mean for your product.

How Does Injection Molding Work?

We begin by helping you develop and perfect a prototype of your product through thorough testing. Next, we’ll use the design to make your custom injection mold.

Your design will be engraved into a thick, dense steel to ensure durability to withstand repeated pressure and injection in the manufacturing process.

For smaller manufacturing batches, we can also create molds using 3D printing. These aren’t as durable as steel, but are ideal for smaller volume production. 3D molds can be completed faster than steel molds as well.

Once your mold has been created, we place it in a state of the art injection machine. It’s here that your mold will be injected with molten plastic under high pressure. The object then cools, solidifies, and takes shape. When finished, it’s released into a catch basin as a polished, complete product. From there, additional assembly will be conducted if needed.

Injection Molding In Utah

We’re proud to provide mold manufacturing needs for various production scales and projects throughout Utah. The success of your project is our ultimate goal.

Let’s work together to bring your product to life!

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