What To Expect From The Mold Transfer Process

Aug 1, 2022

Creating the perfect mold for your product takes years of brainstorming, design, adjustments, and planning.

Your mold is of great importance, and we want you to know this is our highest priority when it comes to your mold transfer.

If you’ve decided to change manufacturing partners, you may be concerned at whose hands your injection mold falls into. Our number one goal is for you to understand that your mold is yours—not the machine shop that made it or your injection mold partner.

We have just as high of expectations as you do when it comes to the careful and safe handling, storing, and implementation of your mold for the manufacturing process.

What Does Mold Transfer Entail? 

It may be necessary for you to change manufacturing partners at some point. If this is ever the case, we’re here to help make that transition an easy one.

The process of mold transfer may seem complicated, but our service helps make it smooth and stress-free.

Transportation is of the greatest importance when it comes to your mold. We understand that molds are made of a variety of materials and a range of durability. Whatever your mold is made of, we’ll treat it with the care it needs.

We safely transport molds for free within 150 miles. This helps take a lot of the challenge out of moving a heavy piece of steel on your own.

In addition to transferring your mold, we also offer free storage for your mold whether it’s being used or not. Some molding partners lack space or charge storage fees for your mold, but not Freeform Polymers.

Mold Transfer With Freeform Polymers 

You can trust that your mold is in the best hands with Freeform Polymers.

We’ll make your mold transfer safe and easy. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

Contact us today to get started with your mold transfer.