What Is 3D Printing?

May 31, 2024

To put it simply, 3D printing is the process of creating a physical object from a three-dimensional digital file. A digital model can be turned into a tangible, solid, three-dimensional working prototype in record time. Another common name for 3D printing is additive manufacturing.

In the process for 3D design in Logan, a working prototype for your product is created layer-by-layer. 

With 3D printing in Logan, you will be able to save time and get your product to market faster.

3D Printing Material Options 

Your prototype can be created using 3D design in Logan using the material that suits your specific product and needs, including:

  • Flexible to rigid
  • Vibrant to neutral
  • Opaque to transparent
  • High temperature to durable 

And the options you have to choose from for your prototype don’t end there. For your 3D print you can also select the plastic mold, plastic parts, color, and resolution. 


Why Is 3D Printing Valuable? 

There’s simply no faster or more efficient way to turn your initial design into a high-quality final prototype than 3D printing in Logan

Using our state of the art Object 260 3D printer, we will help get a working prototype into the hands of you and your potential customers quickly. Experiencing, feeling, and working with your prototype allows you to make necessary improvements in a timely manner and ensure your end product is of the highest quality. 


3D Design In Logan, Utah 

With the help of Freeform Polymers, you can have a working prototype in hand within days. Don’t wait to test your product and get it to market—our team can bring it to life! 

Request a quote for 3D printing in Logan, Utah today.