Who Should Test Your Prototype?

Apr 29, 2024

The value of creating a prototype in Utah for your product is significant. It allows for ongoing testing and improvement of your product before it reaches the final stages and is manufactured for end use. 

Once you have a quality working prototype in hand, it’s important to maximize the benefit it can bring you by placing it in the right hands during the testing and evaluation phase. 

But who should you prioritize showing your prototype to? And when placed in the right hands, what value can this bring? 

Consider Testing Your Prototype With These Groups

  • Stakeholders in your product. This may include investors in the project or executives in your company. While they may not directly be involved in the design or manufacturing process, including them can be beneficial for all parties and help them visualize the concept and progress of your project. 
  • Designers. Those who have a direct role in designing and improving the product should hold the prototype in hand to best experience how the product feels, looks, and functions. This provides the best chance of catching any corrections that need to be made. 
  • Other teammates involved in the project. Include the various employees and partners involved. This can help boost enthusiasm and creativity for the project, and also motivation to continue moving forward and working together. 
  • Customers or potential end users. It’s significantly important to get your prototype into the hands of those who will be using your product. They may be able to provide feedback or ideas that even designers haven’t considered. 


Prototype In Utah 

Freeform Polymers can create the high-quality prototype you need, and get it into the hands of decision makers quickly. 

After the initial design of your product is complete, we will 3D print your prototype in a matter of days in the material and color best suited for your particular product. We’re here to support you throughout the manufacturing process. When it comes time create your prototype in Utah, you’re in the best hands with Freeform Polymers. get started by requesting a quote for your prototype. We’ll get it to you within 24 hours!