Your Options For Injection Mold Manufacturing

Feb 26, 2021

Bringing your product to life is no easy task, and requires great care and expertise at every phase of the process. That’s exactly what Freeform Polymers delivers with injection molding in Utah.

We’re proud to support entrepreneurship, innovation, and cutting-edge technology by turning ideas into real working products. With mold manufacturing in Utah, you can bring your product to market with confidence.

We provide options for virtually every need in the space of injection mold engineering in Utah. Here are some of the options you can utilize for your product with help from Utah’s own Freeform Polymers.

Injection Molding For Your Products

We stand by our commitment to produce the highest quality molds. Our manufacturing molds can be applied for use in many different areas. Our ongoing industry relationships, world class machinists, stocked machine shop, and innovative technology allow us to provide the most revolutionary injection mold manufacturing processes available.

From small, custom designs to large scale production, your project is in good hands with Freeform Polymers.

It’s also important to note that you have options in the production process. After your prototype has been made and tested, we’ll create an injection mold out of dense steel to ensure it’s durable enough to last through countless plastic injections. We’re also able to create molds with 3D printing for smaller volume projects.

Once your mold is finished, it’s placed in our art injection machine and ready to begin creating your product.

To put it simply, molten plastic material is injected into your mold under high pressure to make sure it fills every crevice. Once it cools, your product is released into a catch basin as a polished finished product. From there, any additional assembly can be completed if necessary.

Mold Manufacturing In Utah 
We’re proud to offer a variety of injection mold engineering options for your product. We believe in your idea, and are as committed to a high quality finished product as you are.

Trust Freeform Polymers for all of your injection molding needs—plus so much more.

Get your quote for injection mold engineering in Utah today!