When Quality Matters

Here at Freeform Polymers, quality drives everything we do. From the design, prototype, manufacture, assembly and fulfillment of your product, your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded.


Freeform Polymers is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 registered! This certification guarantees our customers consistently receive the highest standard of quality products and customer service.










Customer Service

Freeform Polymers offers many services in product development to meet any of your design needs. What we pride ourselves most on, however, is our customer service. We offer the advice and help you need while bringing that idea from your imagination to your customers hands, let us help design, manufacture and deliver your product to the market. Take the first step and contact us to see how we can help! You might be closer to your design goals than you think!


Customer Testimonial
Sharik Peck PT From Rezzimax



I particularly enjoy the quick turnaround on RFQ’s, especially on some of the material that isn’t readily available. It’s very nice to have a company that is willing to invest time, even on small orders.
— Brian Bridgeman, Product Development Engineer, Kaddas
We seriously evaluated several other domestic and foreign options that claimed they could meet our needs, but we are so glad we chose Freeform. At every step, they have been extremely responsive and enthusiastic. They have spoiled us with a level of cooperation and collaboration that we haven’t found anywhere else. Simply put, it feels like they are a part of our team, and we have been amazed with how determined they are to help us succeed
— Kellan Cutler, Co-Founder
Freeform Polymers is easy to work with. They helped us get through some tough design challenges and made sure the parts were moldable. They were a key part of our design team.
— Craig Christensen, R&D, Campbell Scientific
My wife and I came to Freeform Polymers 8 months ago with a dream, to be able to create our invention here in the United States. In every interaction with the team there, we have felt extremely positive. They have delivered on their promises with an unbelievable turnaround based on our previous experience, assisted in improving our designs, and helped us find the assistance we needed to create an amazing made in America product. I highly recommend the team at Freeform Polymers.
— Sharik Peck, Owner, Rezzimax
They went out of their way to make sure the part files were received correctly and a quote was turned around the same day. The 3D printed assembly was turned around in less than a day and the price was better than I could find anywhere else. It was a pleasure to work with the team at Freeform.
— David Koch, Lead Engineer, Innovasive

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